X - 2007

01. 2 Hearts

02. Like A Drug

03. In My Arms

04. Speakerphone

05. Sensitized

06. Heart Beat Rock

07. The One

08. No More Rain

09. All I See

10. Stars

11. Wow

12. Nu-di-ty

13. Cosmic


2 Hearts


In My Arms

The One

X, Minogue's tenth studio album was her first album in four years after winning her battle with breast cancer. The album featured a very celebatory vibe with an eclectic array of electronic styles and club influences. The album spawned the hits '2 Hearts, 'Wow', 'In My Arms' and 'The One'. Minogue embarked on the highly successful KylieX2008 world tour in support of the album. A DVD titled 'X2008' was released later that year.

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