Kylie Minogue - 1994

01. Confide In Me

02. Surrender

03. If I Was Your Lover

04. Where Is The Feeling?

05. Put Yourself In My Place

06. Dangerous Game

07. Automatic Love

08. Where Has The Love Gone?

09. Falling

10. Time Will Pass You By


Confide In Me

Put Yourself In My Place

Where Is The Feeling?

In 1993, Minogue signed with Deconstruction, an independant dance label in th UK. With her creative controlled gained, Minogue sought out new producers and writers to work with in order to persue a mature dance direction. The album produced the hits 'Confide In Me' which was accompanied by an infomercial-like video and 'Put Yourself In My Place' which featured Minogue performing a slow striptease in a spaceship.

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