Impossible Princess - 1997

01. Too Far

02. Cowboy Style

03. Some Kind Of Bliss

04. Did It Again

05. Breathe

06. Say Hey

07. Drunk

08. I Don't Need Anyone

09. Jump

10. Limbo

11. Through The Years

12. Dreams



Some Kind Of Bliss

Did It Again


Cowboy Style

In 1996 Kylie began recording her sixth album. The process took two years to complete and finally saw it's release in January 1998. The result was Minogue's most introspective album to date; given the fact that she co-wrote the entire set. Impossible Princess became one of Minogue's most critically acclaimed efforts. It also featured the hits 'Did It Again' and 'Breathe'. It was promoted by the Intimate & Live Tour in 1998.

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